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Speed Up Your Website With These 5 WordPress Plugin

Top 5 WordPress Plugins To Speed Up your Website– Today I will let you know how you can speed up your website using caching plugins and other various plugins as well.

So in this article, I would explain you each plugin and would let you know what they do and how they can speed up your WordPress website

So let us start discussing the top 5 WordPress plugin in detail.

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Speed Up your Website

WP Rocket:

WP Rocket is one of the best plugins amongst this list. The reason why because it’s all in one solution.

For example, it will do caching, it will do a lazy load, it will compress the CSS file, and it will optimize your database. It will perform all the tasks in one go. WP rocket gives you all solutions under one roof, so instead of using many speed optimization plugins, go for WP Rocket.

I prefer to use WP Rocket for my website speed optimization because it gives me all the solutions which all I need.


If you are looking for the best Image optimization plugin, then I would recommend you to go for WP Smush plugin. It is one of the best plugins which compresses the images easily.

Wp rocket is quite popular in the WordPress community as well.  The main advantage of using this plugin is that it reduces and compresses the size of all the images. New upload images slow down the website, and it is the must-have plugin for a WordPress website.

I do also want to talk about its pro version, so there is a free version of course. The free version works just fineIf you want to go a little bit advanced, then I would recommend you to go for WP-Smush pro.

Pro version offers advance features that provides super smush and optimizes your website images automatically. It can also convert PNG to JPEG. Let me tell PNG files are a little bit bigger then JPEG, so if you activate the pro version, it would display all of the images automatically into JPEGs.Wp Fastest Cache:
WP Fastest Cache plugin is way better than the W3 Total Cache. I have used W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache but let me tell you WP fastest Cache is the best one to use. This plugin also provides the premium version as well. So the premium version is again worth getting.

I use the free version of the plugin, and that’s good, so if you want, you can experiment with this cache plugin.


The next one I would love to discuss with you is WP-Optimize. WP-Rocket does have this feature, but if you are looking for a free alternative, you can always go with WP-Optimize. It cleans your database.
So by default, when you start making a change and everything, you leave revision, trash and it creates a lot of junks and congesting your database. It cleans up all the junk files from the database.

LazyLoad by Wp rockets:

LazyLoad is already included in the pro version. however, if you cannot afford the pro version which I highly recommend. So go ahead and activate LazyLoad plugin in the WordPress website. It displays the images a little later.

Whenever you on a website and see the images pop-ups slowly, that’s due to LazyLoad. So, image optimization is a critical factor when you optimize your website. LazyLoad is the good one. There are other plugins out there. I think that LazyLoad is the best amongst all the other plugins. You can do your research on LazyLoad with four to five other plugins that do the same thing.

Conclusion of Speed Up your Website:

These are the top 5 plugins which you can use for your WordPress website to increase the speed. The best thing about these top 5 plugins is that they have both free and pro version. So I would recommend you to try these free plugins for a few weeks and see the performance of your website’s speed.

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If you find these plugins are working wonderfully, then I would recommend you to purchase the pro version of these plugins for better result.

so, If you are using other plugins which I have discussed above, then you can let me know in the comment section.

If you liked this informative information. I would ask you to recommend to your friends who are facing the problem with website speed optimization.


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